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Hello Everyone and welcome to HowToVpn

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read the About Me page and I hope it will help you understand the reasoning behind me starting this page.

A Little about me.

After I dropped out of University due to financial issues, I easily found a job in my small town at one of the biggest mobile operators in the country as it was a franchise store. Due to my passion for technology I soon moved from a seller to a data technician, helping people set up their new phones and computers the simplest and securest way to suit their needs, but my time there also taught me that even in a free and nonrestrictive country, on a laptop in a small town, with access to the mobile operator system and a phone to the data desk, I could find out an astronomical amount of information about a persons browsing history as proof of data usage with a simple call. This made me encourage my clients to make use of VPNs for their own privacy.

Currently I am living in China. Regardless of what people think, China is a wonderful country with a smooth currency system using WeChat and Alipay. I never have a wallet, because everything from street food to 5-star restaurants and even public transport is paid with the scan of a QR code. Life is streamline and service delivery is instant, but it comes at a HIGH PRICE, our privacy. The privacy of our lives and the freedom of internet. 


When I first came to China, I was well aware of the need for a VPN and the freedom it will provide me. What I was not prepared for was the struggles that came with these VPNs, thus started a year of long and painful processing of one VPN to the next, spending more than $100 on VPN after VPN and finding free VPNs to help in between.

But the biggest mistake we make is to believe that we only need a VPN in countries like China or strong religious countries like Saudi Arabia or Indonesia where free flow of information is much less regulated, but still there. We see daily in the news that the superpower nations in the world use Telecommunication companies, Network Providers, Social Media Companies and all of these linked together to form a network to steal our browsing history, private information and everything they can obtain without using actual virus or hack ware.

Here is a test to prove to you how simply these people can get information and target you. Open google and search for something simple like towels or linen, spoons and forks, or the newest Tech you are interested in. 10 Minutes later open your Amazon.com, EBay.com or wish.com website and see what is right at the top of recommendations. Maybe a day later you will read the news on google.news and see the wonderful ad between the paragraphs showing you the cheapest towels possible.


My goal is to help you find the best, paid or free VPN service, so you don’t have to go through all of these problems that I had to go through. To keep you updated on VPNs, new and old, as they get released or updated.

I am not trying to be a whistle-blower but I also do this, because I believe in to days life, where privacy has become a state of mind and not an actual state of fact anymore, we are so comfortable in just browsing and connecting to free-WiFi hotspots and social media, that we don’t know all the dangers of what we do. People think VPNs is so you can watch Porn without having to be shy about your ISP knowing, but the privacy laws set by the governments of countries are to govern us, not them. VPNs can protect you from hackers on the same free and open WiFi network as yourself and prevent them from stealing the internet banking password you just typed, or find your Facebook password stored on your computer and troll all your friends in your name.

It can also help you break that Geo block that social media and websites like YouTube put on their videos just because you are not from the right area, “Sorry Mate”.

I do this to show people that the misperception of VPNs being a difficult thing to use and is mainly used by hackers and dark web users trying to watch pornography without the police catching them is false.

You pay your alarm company $100s every year to keep you safe, and most of the time they just make a noise. But you are not willing to think about your identity and privacy of accounts online. With the dawn of the digital era, our lives has changed, security online has become just as important as security offline.




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